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Located in Pimple Saudagar & Bhosari in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, & Mumbai Maharashtra, India.

  • Male & Female Infertility Sexual problems treatment
  • Erectile dysfunction Premature Ejaculation, Nightfall, Low Sex Drive,
  • Sexual Weakness, Penile enlargement, Low Sperm Count and Motility
  • Masturbation Addiction, Balanitis, Paraphimosis, Varicocele
  • Penis Enlargement, Sexual dysfunction, Decreased Sexual Desire, Orgasm and Arousal Disorders, Pain During Sex
  • Vaginismus, Medication Induced Sexual Disorder/Substance , Genital Cutting, Paraphimosis, PCOD, Breast Reshaping

Vedsuman Men & Women's Clinic is best for men & women sexual problems & sexology treatment in India.

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About Doctors


Dr. Sanjay Erande
Fellowship In Sexology,
Fellow(Council Of Sex Education & Parenthood International),
M. Ayu.D.,BAMS., Dipl. EMS

About Doctor:

  • Dr Sanjay Erande Renowned Sexologist in India, is Director and Founder of Dr Erande's Vedsuman Men and Women's Clinic located in metropolitan cities in India like Pune and Mumbai.
  • He is behind an innovative idea of Care for Couples campaign.
  • Dr Sanjay Erande got Fellowships in Sexology from two Sexology Institutes.
  • He is a Fellow of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International.


After years of experience since 2006, He developed his own techniques and formulations in Sexology and Urology Field to avoid complicated surgeries, and to give treatment without Side-effects. Due to his efforts there are now thousands of Happy patients who were suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature ejaculation (PE), Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Male Infertility- oligoasthenospermia(low sperm count and motility), Vericocele, Balanitis, Nightfall, Over Masturbation Addiction, Penis enlargement, Dyspareunia, Unconsummated Marriages, & other sexual problems.

Dr Sanjay Erande - With a deep understanding of human sexuality and More than 17 years of experience in the field,he specialize in providing education, guidance and treatment in various aspects of sexuality, including male and female sexual health. Our goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can explore and enhance their sexual well-being and treat every sexual problem and foster a positive and inclusive dialogue around sexuality.


  • He got Vaidyak Seva Award by Lions Club International.Honored by NIMA, Pimpri Chinchwad also.
  • He got Excellence Award In Sexology Counselling by WNHO.
  • Honored as a Chairperson by Council of Sex Education And Parenthood International at National Conclave Of Sexology at Goa 2022.
  • Also felicitated as Covid Warrior Award by different institutes and local association for untired work in Corona period.
  • We have more than 1 lac Happy Patients and more than 10000 satisfied couples.
  • We have Patients in More than 100 International cities also.

Dr. Kalpana Sanjay Erande
M. D. (Ayu), BAMS,
Member(Council Of Sex Education & Parenthood International),
Ex. Lecturer (Dy Patil College)

About Doctor:

  • Dr Kalpana Erande is a renowned Sexologist for Female and Infertility Specialists.
  • She is working on promoting Sexual health in females.
  • She had completed MD Ayurved in MUHS, Nashik - Maharashtra.
  • She is a member of the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI).
  • She had also worked as a Lecturer in Padmashree D Y Patil College of Ayurved and Research Centre, Pimpri-Pune.
  • She served as Secretary of NIMA women's forum, Pimpri Chinchwad for 4 years.
  • Now working as a Vice President of NIMA Pimpri Chinchwad.


She has developed her special techniques and counselling methods for treating Vaginismus, low libido, Unorgasmia, Unconsummated Marriages, Breast enlargement and Vaginal tightening etc for boosting women's self esteem. She creates a safe and inclusive space for women to explore and understand their bodies, desire and sexuality. She also works on enhancing their pleasure and intimacy experience in their relationship by correcting their sexual dysfunction.

She also treats infertility issues in females like Tubal blockage, Anovulation, Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Pcod etc. She also expertise in Uttarbasti to treat many gynecological problems in females.


  • She got the Vaidyak Seva award from Lions club International.
  • She was also awarded by Excellence Award on Women's day by PNG Chinchwad and IDA Pimpri Chinchwad.
  • She was Honored by Sakal Papers, Pune on the launch of a special column devoted to Woman Empowerment - as Maitrin.
  • Malabar Gold and NIMA women's forum have specially felicitated her by Dhanwantari Puraskar in Pune.
  • Pune Womenia is extensively growing Facebook group also felicitated her for her excellent service towards Humanity in the Covid period.
  • She is a Golden Badge blogger on Mompresso. Appreciated for Sexual Awareness and Women's health.

“Our mission is to ensure that each of our patients add more life to their years & not years to their life.”